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We offer a wide range of services to meet our customers’ needs. Our workforce and fleet of equipment is up to any task and our aim is to get it done right and on-time, every time.

Utility Work

We are skilled at digging safely and effectively when it comes to utility projects. 

Commercial Site Work

From new construction to building expansion we have the equipment and expertise necessary to help your business grow. 

Residential & House Lots

We prep residential lots for slabs, basements, driveways, pools, and more.

Drive Ways

Whether it’s a public road way or a residential drive way, if you drive on it, we can build it.

State & Municipal JObs

Shaw Earthworks frequently bids on local and state jobs and we are especially proud of the work we have done for the town of Gorham, the Reiche School in Portland, and Reid State Park.

Septic Systems

We design and install septic systems for both commercial and residential applications.

Boulder Walls

Beautiful boulder walls can transform any home into an oasis. We work with homeowners and landscapers to deliver and install your boulder wall.

Ledge REmoval

Is there a stone ledge getting in the way of your project? We can dig or blow through it as necessary. 


We are fully equipped to bring down any structure that needs removal and disposing of all debris.